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Geckie ( derived from "Gecko" ) are intelligent, playful creatures known for their dog-like loyalty and curiosity. Geckies are apart of the Viverridae family of small, omnivore type animals; what sets them apart is their pouch that make them a marsupial. Because of their fierce family instincts, Geckies make great companions and pets.

They are an extremely interesting creature, making home in tropical and temperate biomes around the world. They have amazing adaptive abilities, surviving off of different fruits, vegetables, meat and sometimes human food. Geckies stay cool by the glands under their arms and around their neck that take in moisture in order to cool down their body. The moisture can also be used as a form of self defense by expelling super heated water/vapor out of their mouth and nose.

Geckies have a pair of sharp, dexterous claws for climbing and digging in the ground as well as an opposable for grabbing. They sport a thin, most of the time short coat of fur that allows breathing and temperature regulation. An average Geckie will live a full lifespan of 20 years, but often times they can get as old as 40. In a family community, Geckies usually have no particular gender role. A female or male can run the group but usually it's up to oldest and wisest Geckie. Everyone pitches in to help feed everyone and take care of their young. ​
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